Instructor_tammyTammy began studying the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi in 1993. Often called “meditation in motion”, Tai Chi is known for its slow, mindful movements.  In 2001, Tammy became the head instructor of Willow Moon Internal Arts School of Tai Chi and Qigong (est. 1979). Under her leadership, the school has grown to include daytime and weekend classes, in addition to longstanding evening sessions. The school began hosting satellite classes throughout the community in 2010 to provide greater access to students. Through her dedication to teaching, the school grew from 20 to 85 enrolled students in 2013.

A significant aspect of the school’s continued success is the great respect Tammy has for Tai Chi, her belief in its restorative qualities, and the ability for dedicated students to grow in its’ practice. Tammy teaches students at every skill level, including children and seniors.  With her passion for internal martial arts, she continues to study and develop her own skills, having studied under martial arts expert Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang, of Vancouver, BC, since 2005. Her training and experience enable her to teach a variety of martial arts, including tammy2weapon forms and meditation. She is skilled in several styles of Tai Chi, Bagua, Xingyi, Qigong and Liuhebafa.

Tammy is a serene, confident person who has used a unique combination of calmness and strength to enrich the lives of hundreds of students throughout the Fort St John area.



Dian began taking Tai Chi training in 2003. She continued for a couple of years, taking a break she returned in 2011 with a new sense of dedication.

Dian has learned and practices twenty-four form, 13 Posture Sabre, Five section sword, and Swimming Body Bagua, Chen Tai Chi, Wuji Qigong and Liu He Ba Fa.

Dian began assisting in 2013. Dian’s background as a Massage Therapist is of great value in her understanding of the movement and structure of the body in her teaching of the correct posture of Tai Chi.



Instructor_DanielDaniel began taking Tai Chi in 2006. He has continued to practice Yang style 24 form for the last 8 years.

During this period he also began practicing Swimming Body Bagua Zhang for 4 years. Daniel has also learned the 5 Section sword form and 13 posture saber.

Daniel began to assist teaching in 2012. Daniel comes from an extensive background in the security field which lends itself to the application of self defense technique.